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About Aumakua Healing, LLC
Aumakua Healing, LLC is the specialized esoteric healing practice of holistic physician Kayse Budd, MD.  Dr. Budd started this practice in 2012 in order to provide dedicated intuitive and astrological work plus spiritual healing/coaching for clients who may not have any overt medical need for her services.  This practice is intended for clients who simply want to experience coaching, tarot, or astrology without becoming a patient in one of Dr. Budd's integrative psychiatry practices.  If interested in psychotherapy and holistic medicine, please consider visiting Dr. Budd's practice websites and  

Kayse has been studying astrology for the past 16 years and incorporating her readings into work with patients in her holistic psychiatry practice for 8 years.  She has been offering stand-alone astrology readings (by request, word-of-mouth only) for 5 years. Because demand for readings is organically increasing, she decided to go ahead and launch this website.  Since Kayse has had the unique opportunity to offer astrology concurrent with depth psychotherapy in her medical practices, she has been able to learn astrology, an extremely complex art/science/skill, quite intimately. Astrology is about energetic patterns, and Dr. Budd has been able to literally watch the patterns unfold in her patients while making a mental, physical, and energetic note in herself about what she observes.  Occasionally, she can even predict rising sign, moon sign, location of the sun, etc. simply by sitting with someone.

Kayse's background in healing spans decades. She is naturally intuitive and has the gift of energetic sensitivity, especially to the energies of nature.  Astrologically, she is a Scorpio with Cancer rising and a Virgo moon.  She has pursued the path of a mystic and medicine woman for many years.  She has been studying the tarot for about 15 years.  She has also studied energy medicine, herbalism, shamanic healing, vibrational medicine, conscious dreaming, and much more.  She has traveled the world to work with healers, herbalists, and shamans; visit sacred sites; and perform + participate in ceremonies and rituals.  Nature, herself, has been Kayse's biggest teacher, but she has also directly (in-person) studied with many renown spiritual teachers, including Thich Nhat Hanh, Drunvalo Melchezidek, Gangaji, Hank Wesselman, Andrew Weil, Anne-Marie Chaisson, Fritz Smith, Joan Ocean, Gabrielle Roth, & more.  

In addition to being a healer, astrologer, and doctor, Kayse is also an artist.  She is a left hander who has been painting, drawing, and crafting since childhood.  She has been showing art in competitions and exhibits since high school.  Over the past few years, since completing her medical training, she has had more time to create, and a growing number of people have requested designs for logos/t-shirts or to purchase original art pieces. Mainly Kayse makes art for fun!  It is a true passion!  But, she is open to commissions and thus decided to use this practice to manage art/design work as well. 

Aumakua means "spirit guide" in Hawaiian.  Dr. Budd started this practice while living on the island of Kauai and named it to honor her connection to Hawaiian mysticism. She currently has her homebase in Colorado but travels often to Hawaii and beyond.

Ever the seeker, always in service...

Kayse Budd in Saqqara, Egypt