Astrology, Art &  
Spiritual Coaching 

Astrology Session 90  minutes
90 minute astrology sessions can cover the complete birth chart, current transits, progressions, and/or (if desired) astrocartography. First-time readings often are "birth charts" only due to time constraints.  Transits (predictive astrology), partner readings, Solar Returns (upcoming year), and astrocartography (analysis of personal locational astrology) will likely need to be done as additional sessions.  Readings include a digital recording of the session (will be emailed to you) and a printable copy of the chart (emailed to you).  For those who wish, a more comprehensive astrology reading covering the birth chart and additional features (such as transits, partner analysis, or astrocartography/locational astrology) can be done with extra time prorated to a custom cost.  

$ 225 for 90 min.  
Aumakua Healing, LLC Services
Astrology + Tarot Session, 120 minutes
Esoteric Healing/Coaching Session, 50-75 minutes
Healing/Coaching sessions focus on helping clients discover their true passions, find their paths, create the lives of their dreams, and live intuitively.  Sessions may include mind-body skills training (meditation, guided imagery, expressive art/movement, etc.), energy medicine, intuitive/spiritual guidance, and shamanic-style healing rituals. 

Initial visit:  $250/90min.  Follow-ups: $125-150 for 45-60 min.

Package:  Initial + 3 45 minute follow ups:  $555

Mentorship Program
Mentorship is designed for clients who are interested in a directed course of study along a relatively structured curriculum of spiritual development. This is primarily a longitudinal "student" experience with some healing/coaching components.  

$300/month (1:1 private didactic sessions approximately every other week, ~75minutes each.  Usual term is at least 3 months.)
Tarot Reading 60 minutes
Tarot readings involve a comprehensive spread looking at one key issue or current theme and smaller spreads looking at minor issues or questions, if desired.  The session can be recorded, if desired, and a photograph of the spread will be emailed to you.  

$125 for 60 minutes

Pencil drawing (study for a painting) "Return of the White Dragon" by Kayse Budd, 2012
Combining an astrology reading with a tarot reading is an outstanding way to get a complete look at an issue or question.  The entire session can be recorded and emailed to you.  

$300 for 2h