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Aumakua Healing, LLC Testimonials
Kayse Budd really helped me see my life through a new lens. Her kindness, caring and expertise gently guided me toward a different, freeing perspective. By using her knowledge of astrology and potential past patterns we untangled some difficult occurrences from my past and created healthy roadways of perception for the future. I always look forward to my time with her.

-Caitlin Stolley,, artist/designer, California/Wisconsin, 2014

Wow, Kayse is one of the most humble and on-point astrologers I have ever known. Her ability to see into the astrological realms is phenomenal and so very accurate. 
I tend to go towards eastern Vedic astrology; yet, after my divine reading with Kayse, I can see so much precision and clarity in the western science of astrology. 
Thankful for this vast understanding of the stars from such an expert in her field! 

Radha, musician/designer, Maui/Los Angeles, 2015

I loved my astrology reading with Kayse. She is so passionate and articulate about this work that I learned more during my session about how astrology functions in my life than I have from over a dozen other readings I've had previously. I received accurate information about myself and details that are very helpful in moving forward on my path. Very affirming! Kayse is extremely knowledgeable and followed up by researching some unique aspects that she wanted me to gain more information and understanding about - truly a gift to work with her!

- Lucia Maya, Reiki Master, Maui, 2015

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Some recent art work--a double-sided hand-dyed yarn mandala and a Mexican Day of the Dead sugar skull painting